Starting Equipment

grappling-hookIn order to speed Swords & Wizardry White Box character creation even more, I’m going to go with a starting equipment list based on something posted on the S&W forums by Thoth Amon.

In short, rather than rolling up gold and then poring over the equipment list for what seems like forever, players will add the standard items to their sheet, pick four more, and roll 2d6 for gold. I will still allow a quick trip to purchase additional gear if needed, though the limited funds should keep that to a minimum.

Each character begins with the following equipment:

  • Backpack
  • Bedroll
  • Flint & Steel
  • 7 days trail rations
  • Waterskin
  • 6 Torches
  • Dagger or Hatchet
  • One weapon of choice (if bow, crossbow or sling, 20 ammo included)
  • Leather Armor (if other than a Magic-user or Elf; they get a Spellbook)
  • 2d6 gold pieces

Each character also begins with any four of the following items:

  • 50’ Rope and Grappling Hook
  • 10 Iron spikes and Small Hammer
  • Holy Symbol
  • 2 vials of Holy Water
  • Thieves’ Tools
  • Helmet
  • Upgrade from Torches to Lantern and 3 pints of Oil
  • 4 pints of Oil (in individual ceramic flasks)
  • One weapon of choice (if bow or crossbow, 20 ammo included)
  • Shield
  • Upgrade armor from Leather to Chain (or from none to Leather if elf)

No, the values aren’t necessarily balanced or in line with the original 3d6x10pg roll. One additional note is that no one is allowed to sell any of their initial equipment until they reach 2nd level unless it’s a dire circumstance and the GM approves. This will prevent players from choosing expensive items and immediately hawking them for gold and buying their preferred (and cheaper) equipment.

Besides speeding character creation, I think this system will help newer players quite a bit as they won’t be at a loss as to what to get. And they’ll have a bit of confidence because picking four items isn’t so hard and can’t be screwed up too badly.

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  1. Badelaire says:

    Sounds good to me. You’re right – sometimes new players will miss that special piece of equipment they need, like a Thief not buying thieves tools or a grappling hook and rope, or a cleric not buying a holy symbol. Pre-packaging some gear (and maybe having a notation for class “must-haves”) sounds like a good idea to me.

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