Armor Class: 6 Hit Dice: 1 Move: 120′ (40′) Attacks: 1 weapon Damage: 1-6 or weapon No. Appearing: 2-8 (10-60) Save As: Ftr-1 Morale: 8 Treasure Type: D Alignment: Chaotic Orcs are ugly human-like creatures who look like a combination of animal and man. Orcs are nocturnal (usually sleeping in the day and active at […]

Back. Sort of.

So the other morning at breakfast I was telling my kids a story about a D&D session from way back in the day. My daughter asked, “Why don’t we play that anymore?” I went into the usual blah blah blah about not enough time and how her brother didn’t seem to like it as much […]


Lead ‘graph from In Defense of Dungeons & Dragons: A D&D session probably calls to mind the following: a group of overweight, awkward men who have no social lives. They spend weeks locked in a parent’s basement, blissfully unaware of reality. As stupid as that is, it’s completely true. That it’s the stereotype, that is. […]

Dragon Damage

Yesterday I noted that I’m planning on making dragons a lot more common in our AD&D game than I’ve made them in the past (read: virtually unused) and how having uberpowerful “name” dragons doesn’t have to mean that all dragons are uberpowerful. While I’m basically onboard with dragons as they’re written in the AD&D Monster […]

The ‘Smaug Problem’

One of the things I intend to do with our new 1e AD&D game is to put the “dragons” back into “Dungeons & Dragons.” I’ve rarely seen dragons used, either as a player or as DM, and I think that’s a shame. From what I see online, it appears that many players have had similar […]

Frenzy Zombie
–Monday Monster

Locklar burst into camp, spooking the horses and upsetting the pot of stew that was simmering on the fire. “Zombies!” he called. Mortigan looked up from his spellbook. “Zombies?” he asked. Delsa picked up her bow and quiver. “How many?” the elf asked, a gleam in her eye. “And how far behind?” Locklar pointed back […]

Advanced XP

One of the things I’ve found the most tedious about calculating experience in AD&D is the per hit point part of the creature’s value. I understand why a creature with more hit points is worth more than one of its fellows with fewer, but what a pain. A huge deal? No. But I don’t think […]