Roll to Advance PDF

Here is a one-page PDF of the Roll to Advance system I introduced last week. Obviously, the one-page format does not allow for in-depth explanation or discussion of the system, but it does provide the basics needed to use it in play.

Roll to Advance PDF by Lord Kilgore

Roll to Advance - Free PDF
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This PDF currently uses the original racial modifiers despite the fact that I still suspect that they may be slightly too high.

A number of readers have expressed interest in trying this in their games. I would LOVE to hear feedback from those that do, particularly about adjustments that you’ve made and your experiences with the multi-class methods.

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3 Responses to Roll to Advance PDF

  1. Jensan says:

    Cool idea, I actually thought about experience points the other day and how to replace them by stating goals for the next “level up”, like: 1) acquire X gold, 2) complete 2 quests, 3) save half a kingdom, etc.

    Will have to try it out.

  2. Shayne Power says:

    Planning to put this into use in a soon-to-begin S&W game.

    Was wondering if you had considered the effect of bonus XP (for high PR abilites) in those games that have such a thing?

    I have modified the classes a little and was planning just to use the Fighter progression part of the chart for all characters. I’m thinking that a +5% bonus (which S&W gives for high PR as well as for WIS and CHA) could equate to a +1 bonus on the d20 roll.

    Without doing any sums, I would image that this will make quite some difference at the lower levels, but very little at the high levels.

    Is that good or bad?

  3. Shayne Power says:

    One other thought…

    The increasing difficulty of getting to higher levels. On the face of it, this matches with the regular progression tables, but doesn’t take into account that characters would normally be earning more XP per session as they progress in level.

    As an example, a fighter would take a minimum of 8 sessions to advance from level 6 to 7 (rolling a 20), but 16 (twice as many) to go from 11 to 12.

    Was this your intention? And do you think it would hurt the system much if I capped the table (say 30 for every level from 9 and above)?

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