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I noted recently that we’ve kicked off a new campaign using our new Wizards & Warriors system (and I use the term “system” loosely at this point) in the area detailed in L1: The Secret of Bone Hill. We haven’t had a lot of time to play in the past week, but I’ve made a little headway in something resembling actual campaign prep, including a new hex map of the area around the small city of Restenford:

Hex Map of the Restenford Area (created with Hexographer)

Hex Map of the Restenford Area
(created with Hexographer)

I made this using the most excellent Hexographer and made the decision to stick to hex sides for everything except man-made features such as roads. So the rivers and forests and elevation lines, etc., stick to hexes or hex sides. Each hex is half a mile across.

Though things don’t stick exactly to the map in the module, it’s pretty darn close. One issue I did run into was that needing full hexes for elevation lines meant that some tweaking had to be done, including the complete removal of a couple elevation lines altogether because there wasn’t room to fit them in. So I did what I needed to and decided to change the remaining lines to 500′ increments from the original 400′.

Though I’m using the module and its contents as a starting point, there is going to be a whole lot more going on in and around the area than in the originals. And though I plan to incorporate at least some of the material from the following modules into our campaign, not all of it will be used and some of it will be altered pretty significantly. As for the map, the areas of Lendore Island beyond the edges of what I’ve got here will be completely different than the Lendore Island in the official setting.

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  1. scottsz says:

    Very cool! I’m a huge Lakofka fan!

    • Kilgore says:

      I think the setting is ripe for the type of campaign I want. Going to toss in a few one-page dungeons here and there and meld on some other classic modules. The Keep on the Borderlands is up the river a ways, for instance. But there are some other old modules I have inklings of adding that pretty much defy belief.

      So this Lakofka stuff will be the foundation and probably influence everything to one degree or another, but it won’t be recognizable after the first few sessions. I hope.

  2. The Bane says:

    That is awesome and inspiring. Really brings back some good memories too. Look forward to hearing more about the campaign. Like the idea and implementation of using straight hexes…

    Very nice!


    • Kilgore says:

      I have had L1 since I got it on clearance in about 1988 and have always wanted to run it but never have. I think it sets up a decent “sandbox”-type campaign even if you completely ignore the rest of the series.

      I’ve got mixed feelings on the straight hexes decision, and if I was more artistic I probably would have gone the other way. But I’ve not been happy with my previous attempts to freehand maps, so hexes it is.

      Yeah, a bit “gamey.” But, then, it IS a game we’re playing after all.

      • The Bane says:

        I wish I still had the module. It was the only one of the L-series that I ever played in / ran. I immediately recognized the map and images of the pictures and cover came to mind. Wish I was in your gaming group!

        Any chance of getting the .hxm file????


  3. Erin says:

    Love the map, Kilgore. The waterfalls in particular. Just curious–did you trace over the original or free-ball it?

    • Kilgore says:

      Used Hexographer’s “tracing” feature to get a rough outline and just fit in the hexes and hex-sides in the rough general area. My original plan to make a custom map “inspired” by the original seemed like too much work once I got started.

      Some things like the three identical peaks of “Tri-Top” are a bit disappointing, but I decided it was worth a) using full hexes and b) sticking as close as possible to the original even if a few things weren’t ideal.

      All in all I’m pretty pleased and I love Hexographer.

  4. scottsz says:

    Well, you did a great job on the map.

    Totally agree about L1… you don’t need the whole series to be able to build off of it. So many characters and cool spots in that module… it’s a treasure trove.

    Have you checked out L4 over at Dragonsfoot?

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