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I noted recently that we’ve kicked off a new campaign using our new Wizards & Warriors system (and I use the term “system” loosely at this point) in the area detailed in L1: The Secret of Bone Hill. We haven’t had a lot of time to play in the past week, but I’ve made a little headway in something resembling actual campaign prep, including a new hex map of the area around the small city of Restenford:

Hex Map of the Restenford Area (created with Hexographer)

Hex Map of the Restenford Area
(created with Hexographer)

I made this using the most excellent Hexographer and made the decision to stick to hex sides for everything except man-made features such as roads. So the rivers and forests and elevation lines, etc., stick to hexes or hex sides. Each hex is half a mile across.

Though things don’t stick exactly to the map in the module, it’s pretty darn close. One issue I did run into was that needing full hexes for elevation lines meant that some tweaking had to be done, including the complete removal of a couple elevation lines altogether because there wasn’t room to fit them in. So I did what I needed to and decided to change the remaining lines to 500′ increments from the original 400′.

Though I’m using the module and its contents as a starting point, there is going to be a whole lot more going on in and around the area than in the originals. And though I plan to incorporate at least some of the material from the following modules into our campaign, not all of it will be used and some of it will be altered pretty significantly. As for the map, the areas of Lendore Island beyond the edges of what I’ve got here will be completely different than the Lendore Island in the official setting.

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