Numbered Map of the Forbidden City

Things have been progressing very slowly on my Forbidden Jungle campaign setting, but that’s okay because a lot of the time has been spent actually playing (a couple of Labyrinth Lord campaigns) instead of designing this. I’m still real excited about giving Swords & Wizardry White Box a shot, and I’m still real excited about this campaign, but when opportunities to play with the family arise, they take top priority.

Here’s the map of the city I’m working with.

Dwellers of the Forbidden City

Dwellers of the Forbidden City
(click for bigger version)

I’ve left the original encounter area letters in for the time being and I’ve basically numbered every building. I’ve got 165 of them so far, though more may turn up as I dig into detailing them. My plan is to use an index card for every building and encounter area, which will allow me to make all sorts of changes as the PCs alter things.

I also plan to create maps for some of the major buildings depending on who is where and what is going on. I expect that this will evolve over time depending on character actions. In addition, I do not plan to be limited to the surface. There will likely be entrances to extensive subterranean areas, and I don’t mean just the ancient sewer system.

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7 Responses to Numbered Map of the Forbidden City

  1. Ainatan says:

    There is a cool building with a statue of guy holding a sword on the top of it!!

    • Kilgore says:

      I’m still cracking up over that. You have no idea how disappointed I was to learn those were cracks, not a statue. I’ve had all sorts of ideas about that statue for 25 years. And it doesn’t even exist.

      • scott says:

        Those are Cracks???!!??? I’ve got one swordsman iron statue still up one collapsed in the west half of the building with this former gladiatorial school being occupied by wererat spies in the few still intact rooms and on the lower and especially in the Sewer Level. My wererats are barely tolerated by the Yuan-Ti for the information they provide at times being hunted by a giant mostly resting snake that patrols the sewers. Honestly those are cracks ?

  2. One of my favorite modules of all time. Awesome.

  3. bat says:

    I was drooling over the latest Warhammer lizardmen (one of my favorite Warhammer armies) and made a set of magic items that may be of use in the Forbidden City. Basically I am interested because, since they are not shiny, they may be considered less than valuable.

    With all of your Forbidden City material, I have that module and my liking the scaly ones I might need to S&W:Core along the same lines.

  4. Zulgyan says:

    This is great[!]

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