Mirror of Yesterday:
Thursday Thaumaturgy

The king looked up as the door opened and the queen entered the royal bedchamber. She pulled up short and pushed her long blond tresses out of her eyes.

“Husband,” she said, clearly surprised. “I thought you were hunting with the Duke today.”

The king smiled grimly. “The hunt has concluded, my love.”

She looked at him. “What is it?” she finally asked. “Is something on your mind?”

The king gave a little chuckle, but it was without mirth. “Mortrand has been…advising…me of your efforts to make the Duke feel at home.”

A little of the color drained from her face. “You instructed that every comfort should be extended, husband,” she said. “I know how important these negotiations are. If successful, our kingdom’s place is assured.”

The king rose. “Does that comfort extend to this chamber?” he asked her quietly.

The queen’s eyes widened. “What has that villainous mage been whispering in your ear, my king?” she hissed. “What lies has he been telling you?”

“He hasn’t told me anything,” the king assured her. “He has shown me.” He looked over at the tall mirror in the oval wooden frame that stood in the corner of the chamber facing the rest of the room. “He’s shown me things I would never have believed.”

He stalked toward the door, stopping as he passed her. “Tell the servants that the Duke will not be at dinner,” he instructed. “He fell from his horse while hunting today. Tragically, his injury was mortal…”

Mirror of Yesterday

Spell Level: M1
Range: 10′
Duration: 1 turn

Casting this spell upon a mirror allows anything that has been reflected in its surface to be replayed. The viewer must stand in relation to the mirror where the original reflection would have been seen, e.g., standing directly in front of the mirror reveals what was directly in front of the mirror, while standing off to one side shows events off to the opposite side. The images have the same lighting conditions as existed at the time.

The distance into the past that can be seen is dependent upon the caster’s level:

    1st – 1 turn
    2nd – 1 hour
    3rd – 6 hours
    4th – 12 hours
    5th – 1 day
    6th – 1 week
    7th – 1 month
    8th – 6 months
    9th – 1 year
    10th – 10 years
    11th+ – 10 additional years for every level above 10th

The caster can state how far back he wants to view, and the images on the mirror will flash past at high speed as it zips to the correct time frame.

Treat this as a VCR with a shuttle switch. Note that there is no sound with the playback.

I was reminded of this spell by Bat’s post today: Mindseye Mirror.

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5 Responses to Mirror of Yesterday:
Thursday Thaumaturgy

  1. bat says:

    Wonderful magic item! That is very clever.

  2. Telecanter says:

    Wonderful. A magic item that opens up possibilities in a campaign.

    That makes me want to try to think up some of my own.

  3. Kilgore says:

    Since both comments so far mention “magic item” I want to be sure that it’s clear this is a spell that works on any mirror. A magic-user can walk up to any mirror, cast the spell, and see what’s been reflected in it.

  4. Telecanter says:

    Whoops, sorry, must have been reading too quickly. Still cool. But I’ll still love the item I imagined you created, haha.

    Just think, players having to lug around a big mirror and set it places to serve as a kind of security camera.

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