Labyrinth Lord, Revised & Digest-Sized

Here’s a photo of my newest Labyrinth Lord books:

Digest-Sized Revised Labyrinth Lord

Digest-Sized Revised Labyrinth Lord
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I bought the full PDF from RPGNow and printed up one full book for myself and comb-bound it. I prefer comb-binding as it lays nice and flat during play or adventure design. We have a comb punching machine at work, so I printed it up at home and punched it today on lunch. Combs are available at Staples.

I also printed three “player’s handbook” booklets, which consists of pages 1-60. I stapled these. I have a long-reach stapler and a heavy-duty paper cutter, so once I had them stapled I could even up the outside edge nice and smooth. The covers on these are regular paper, so durability won’t be all that great. But, as they’re quite cheap to make, I’m not too worried.

As I’ve noted before, I’m a big fan of digest-sized booklets. The print may be a bit small for some, but I can read it just fine. Last time I also made myself a full-sized comb-bound LL book, but I’ve barely looked at it. So digests only for now.

The white at the top and bottom of the cover is due to half-sheets of letter-sized paper being a bit “taller” than the standard aspect ratio of the book. They could easily be cut off to make it look a bit nicer. I’ve tried that in the past, though, and haven’t really liked it. I also find that the wide top and bottom margins mean plenty of room for penciled notes.

UPDATE: Forgot that I wanted to link to an earlier post about digest-sized booklets from a while back.

I used the ClickBook software by BlueSquirrel to print the pages up and Adobe Reader to print the cover (which is one double-sized page). I normally use Foxit Reader instead of Adobe, but Foxit didn’t have the scaling control that I needed to get the cover right.

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4 Responses to Labyrinth Lord, Revised & Digest-Sized

  1. Badelaire says:

    Very cool. While I’m on the fence about digest-sized books (good for some things, not so good for others in my opinion), and I’m not a fan of comb binding (I prefer coil), what you’ve got there is very nice. I also like the idea of having a “full” core rulebook as well as “player’s books”.

    I don’t have a binding machine myself, but I do have access to color and double-sided printing, so I typically print my own books and then take them to a Staples to have them bound with an acetate cover and a vinyl backing. It usually only costs $3-5 to get a book bound and their turnaround time is pretty fast if you give them a pre-bound book.

    • Kilgore says:

      Do you print the covers yourself or do you have them printed at Staples? Can I give them my color paper covers and have them turned into coated covers?

      I also prefer coil over comb and would like to get one made up.

  2. bat says:

    I called Staples and asked them about this, as I have fallen into Lord Kilgore’s comb-digest matrix. It looks like about $8 for the LL book and $6 for S&W, plus they will print and staple the LL 1-60 for $3 per book. Very nice.

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