Wizards & Warriors ALPHA
–Five Color Game PDF

Here is the what we’re calling the Alpha version of our Five Color Game Wizards & Warriors:

Wizards & Warriors 5 Color Game Alpha by Lord Kilgore

Wizards & Warriors ALPHA
Free PDF

It’s the 22 page player’s section and still needs some work. But a number of readers have expressed interest in this project and we’ve got a rough version of the player’s half ready, so here it is. Check it out if interested and, by all means, give us some feedback.

This product is not intended for any sort of professional or money-making publication, and so there is currently no art other than the frontpiece currently serving as the “cover” of the coverless Alpha PDF. I doubt there will be any art in the “finished” product.

Something else that is “missing” from this are how-to-play tips, in-depth descriptions of game concepts, and detailed examples of gameplay. As this is not intended for sale or for non-gamers to pick up on their own and learn, none of that sort of thing is included. It’s D&D with a few different classes and variant rules; no reason to start off explaining what a role-playing game is or give too many details about what armor class represents or how hit points work. The mechanical crunch is defined in simple, easy-to-tweak terms. And that’s about it.

Be aware that this has undergone nothing resembling playtesting in its current form. Many of the rules are our house rules from Labyrinth Lord and have been used for a while, but the chracter classes are brand new and untried. I think we’ve got a great start here, but no doubt some tweaking will be required along the way.

I can’t say when the GM section is going to be ready. I’d been thinking we were mostly done with monsters but upon looking again I see we’ve got quite a ways to go. And magic items have not even been started yet. Also, I’m not exactly sure what else is going to go into the GM section. I want a 48-page book when we’re done, so we’ll have to see how much room is left.

So check it out if interested, and let me know what you think. We like what we’ve got so far, but we also realize that we’re probably overlooking some obvious issues and we know that it can be improved.

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4 Responses to Wizards & Warriors ALPHA
–Five Color Game PDF

  1. Very, very interesting, LK! I can’t wait to see the final version. But in the meantime, there’s a lot to chew over here. Kudos to you and your son!

  2. sean wills says:

    Yes, very interesting – thanks to you both for sharing this. I like how color is ingrained in a character’s makeup and influences social tendencies. I’ll roll up some characters, see how they balance.

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  4. Roger GS says:

    This is good stuff, naturally the concept of different colors of warriors giving rise to pseudo-classes (thief, ranger, paladin) is very elegant.

    At a glance I’d say the blue and green warriors are somewhat underpowered and maybe could use more borad abilities similar to the range seen for the black one.

    The spell assignments and d6 adventuring skills are great.

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