Wizard Sign
–Thursday Thaumaturgy

“Not I, Lord!” declared Brenna. “I was dicing with Gorath and Jessidar, as they’ve sworn under oath.”

The baron looked Brenna over. “I don’t find it surprising, in the least, that your brother and your lackey will vouch for your whereabouts,” he said finally. “Whatever the truth of the matter.”

Brenna, Gorath, and Jessidar were about to protest, but the baron silenced them with a wave. “Zorzax!” he called.

The ancient sorcerer looked up and coughed, apparently startled from a drowse. He glanced around as if unsure what was happening. The baron knew better.

“The baroness’ jewels are missing,” he began. “Witnesses claim the man Brenna was seen in the upper corridor after the feast, yet he claims to have an alibi. Can you powers resolve this for us?”

Zorzax rose, leaning heavily on his gnarled staff, and cleared his throat. “Well,” he began, “as fortune would have it, I foresaw this possibility. I placed a protection upon the jewels which would mark any who touched them.”

“A mark?” the baron asked. “What sort of mark?”

“Oh, simply my seal. Any man who touched those jewels will bear it somewhere upon his person.”

Out of the corner of his eye, the baron saw Brenna shift slightly, pulling his tunic a bit closer. The baron motioned for a guard. “Remove his tunic,” he ordered. “Let us see if he carries Zorax’s sign.”

Brenna stepped back, but the guard grabbed one of his arms and held him fast. With the other hand, he ripped the tunic open. Upon Brenna’s chest, like a golden tattoo, was an emblazoned letter ‘Z’…

There are two versions of this spell:

Wizard Sign

Spell Level: M1
Range: 60′
Duration: Permanent

One creature or item is permanently marked with the symbol of the casting magic-user. The sign is a sort of magical tattoo that cannot be removed. Unwilling or unknowing individuals can avoid the effect if they save vs. spells when the spell is cast at range. When casting by touching the target, no save is allowed. The casting magic-user may cancel the sign at any time (within a 60′ range) and it can also be removed by dispel magic, remove curse, or similar means.

A reversed version of the spell remove wizard sign, can remove wizard marks cast by magic-users at least two levels lower than the magic-user attempting the removal.

Wizard Sign Ward

Spell Level: M2
Range: Touch
Duration: Permanent

This spell places a warding upon an item which will place a wizard sign (see 1st-level spell) upon any who touch it. The mark is a magical tattoo of the caster’s symbol and cannot be removed short of dispel magic, remove curse, or similar means. No saving throw is allowed, though the caster can dispel it at will within 60′. Wizard marks acquired in this way can be removed by a reversed wizard sign spell if the caster is at least two levels higher than the caster who created the sign.

It seems like I’ve seen a “wizard mark” spell somewhere, but a quick look turns up nothing. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn that I’ve inadvertently ripped it off completely. I do think the wizard mark “dye pack” version is new, though.

UPDATE: Wizard Mark was, indeed, the name of an existing spell. I’ve updated my spell to be wizard sign to avoid confusion.

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–Thursday Thaumaturgy

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