Wizard Bridge:
Thursday Thaumaturgy

“We’ve got them!” the orc commander squealed triumphantly. He ordered his troops to slow their pursuit. “Those sun lovers aren’t going anywhere,” he said. “Around that corner the floor has fallen away. Not even that blasted elf can jump that far.”

He sent one of his troopers to peer around the corner. He fell dead, an arrow through one eye.

“See?” the commander shouted. “That elf is standing to fight! They’re trapped!”

The platoon crept up to the corner. “There are twenty of us,” the commander began.

“Nineteen,” interjected one of the orcs. “Krugagsh has an arrow in his brain.”

“Which just proves that elves are fine marksmen and able to hit very small targets,” countered the commander. “Now shut up and listen. We’re going to rush them all at once. The elf might get one or two of us, but he can’t get us all. Ready?”

The orcs growled, not really convinced but resigned to obey.

The commander growled and they rushed around the corner, those in the front ranks braced for arrows. But none came.

Down the corridor, a twenty foot section of floor had, indeed, fallen away. But spanning the gap was a glowing rope bridge anchored to the floor on each end. The commander knew that it hadn’t been there yesterday.

“Let’s go, you rat eaters!” he growled. “If they can cross it, we can cross it…”

Wizard Bridge

Spell Level: M2
Range: 100′
Duration: 1 hour + 1 turn/level

This spell creates a magical rope bridge which secures itself automatically and can be crossed single file. The maximum weight on the bridge at one time is 1000 pounds and it can take up to 100 points of damage. The maximum distance which can be spanned is 10 feet plus 5 feet per level of the caster.

The wizard bridge vanishes immediately when the spell expires or if the casting magic-user dispels it.

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11 Responses to Wizard Bridge:
Thursday Thaumaturgy

  1. bat says:

    Pretty cool spell. I have one like this that I posted earlier (Bridge of Shadows) but I like this spell, I would make rope a component so that everybody has to free up their rope and their belts and the wizard magically ties them together for the spell and can retrieve the bridge when the party gets to the other side.

    • Kilgore says:

      Ah. That was your spell. For some reason I thought I had seen something like that on Beyond the Black Gate.

      I’ve generally not been specifying any material component elements, thought I like the idea about the rope for this one.

      As a side note, despite all my whining that your spells are too powerful, in this case your 4th level spell seems weaker in most respects than my 2nd level spell.

  2. bulette says:

    nice one, very handy indeed. the spell level seems just right, given that it’s a “allow access/escape” thing vs. offensive magic, like the 2nd level Knock spell.

    • Kilgore says:

      The “allow access/escape” thing can also be a biggie, as chasms, walls, cliffs, etc. are often intentional barriers until PCs are sufficient level to overcome them. Fly-type spells, in particular, can overcome a wide range of barriers.

      Of course, if wimpy PCs have magic to circumvent obstacles that normally would hold them up, the consequences on their heads.

      It’s like the big gate in King Kong. One look at that thing tells you to stay the hell away from whatever it leads to.

      So PCs, of course, immediately set to work crossing into the jungle. At that point it’s not the DMs fault if a 50′ ape eats them.

  3. bat says:

    Who writes the tough spells now?
    Wizard-coddler! 🙂

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