Wand of Fine Wine
–Tuesday Treasure

“You’re, um, going to drink that?” Arthena asked, mortified.

Mortigan turned a page in his spellbook and shrugged. “Of course.” And he took a drink.

Arthena made a face. “Didn’t I just see you scoop that out of the canal?”

“Mmm-hmm,” the mage said absently, peering at his tome.

“The same canal where half the city dumps, well, everything?”

“The same,” he confirmed, not looking up from his spells. “Care for a taste?”

Wand of Fine Wine

This wand, when stirred in up to one gallon of liquid for one minute, transforms it to pure fine wine. Even fluids such as poison, acid, and magical potions are so affected. The wand requires no charges, and its effects are permanent.

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–Tuesday Treasure

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