Update on Five Color Game

5 color pentagon
I’ve not had much time to blog this week but I have actually made a fair amount of headway on a homebrew game based on old school D&D and utilizing the Five Color Magic concept. I’m hoping to have an “alpha” version of the game ready and printed up at Staples this weekend, though that might be pushing it a bit.

Here is what it looks like it’s going to be:

  • 48-page letter-size book
  • Character levels 1 through 8
  • Human PCs only
  • 5 wizard classes
  • 5 warrior classes
  • Roll to advance
  • Simplified monster write-ups

We’re thinking of the highly original name “Wizards & Warriors” because those are the two classes to choose from, with each having 5 colorized sub-classes. The mechanics of the game are going to be pretty much B/X D&D. The monster selection is going to be most of the AD&D list redone with combined single attacks and written in the OD&D matrix style. Other various tweaks and houserules that we’ve been using and like.

It is NOT going to be a Magic: The Roleplaying Game at all, rather more like D&D with magic and alignment loosely based on the five color scheme used in Magic: The Gathering.

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