Tuesday Treasure: Yellow Husk of Slipperiness

The bugbear was closing in, and Emma knew she couldn’t keep ahead of it for much longer.

Looking ahead, she could barely make out that the passageway turned to the right. A quick glace over her shoulder revealed that the bugbear was less than fifteen feet behind, and Emma knew this might be her only chance.

She reached into her pouch. pulled out a floppy yellow object, and tossed it over her shoulder. It plopped to the floor of the corridor behind her as she continued her flight from the bugbear.

Emma made it to the corner just as she heard the bugbear growl in surprise. As she dashed on, the bugbear violently slammed into the wall behind her at a fantastic speed.

Yellow Husk of Slipperiness

This appears to be a discarded banana peel, though it won’t spoil or rot. The “inner” surface is astonishingly free of friction. When placed in the path of an oncoming creature, the target must save vs. petrification. Those succeeding manage to avoid the husk, but those failing either slip and crash violently to the ground (suffering 1d6 damage) or find themselves zipping onward, out of control, at a high rate of speed. Those speeding along usually have their journey ended suddenly as they crash into walls, trees, or other beings (suffering appropriate damage). There is a 50% chance for either outcome.

This item can only be used once.

Note: Game masters are encouraged to use the old Saturday morning cartoons for inspiration when determining the effects of this item.

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2 Responses to Tuesday Treasure: Yellow Husk of Slipperiness

  1. bat says:

    Not to give anything away, but I think one of these was used in the cliffhanger for Komodo vs Cobra. I hope I am not spoiling it for you.

    Excellent item though, well thought out!

  2. bulette says:

    i definitely like common every day items (or things that appear to be so) for use as magic items, vs. the more exotic wands, bracers, etc., not that there’s not a place for those too. somehow it makes me look at things i use everyday in a new way – part of the fun of the game.

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