Tuesday Treasure: Horn of the Pack

Horn of the Pack

The brigands closed in on the party atop the small hillock, their one-eyed leader grinning in triumph. A dozen of them against four adventurers, and wounded adventurers at that. The mage fellow looked like he could barely stand, and the dwarf’s head was wrapped with a bloody bandage.

As they closed in, that big guy in armor stepped between the brigand leader and the robed female. The brigand’s grin widened. That was a fine-looking woman, and, if they managed to take her alive, she could be sold for a bag full of gold. The band was fearful of the holy symbol on her battered shield, but he knew that if she had been able to do anything, she would have done it already.

“Drop your weapons and we’ll let you live,” he growled, almost making an effort to sound convincing.

The warrior gripped his sword tighter, his eyes determined but exhausted. The brigand chief licked his lips. Tired adventurers headed back to town could very well mean loot. As he closed in, ready to give the signal for his men to swarm them, he saw the woman lift a large, looped copper horn to her lips.

Uncertainly, she winded the instrument. The note was like the wavering, chilling howl of a wolf. It echoed off the nearby hills for a few moments, then faded as the woman gasped for breath.

“That sure is purdy music,” the brigand said, watching as his number one man eased up on the warrior’s flank. “Is that supposed to scare us, missy?” If he could distract them for another few seconds, he would give the signal.

At that moment, as if in answer to the horn, a wolf howled in the distance. Then another, much closer. And another…

Horn of the Pack

This copper horn, when blown strongly, magically summons 4d6 wolves to do the horn blower’s bidding. The wolves arrive in 1d3 rounds and need make no morale checks when fighting in the service of their master. The wolves will remain for up to one hour, after which they bound away and disappear.

Though compelled to serve the bearer of the horn, wolves have no love for their duty. The second time the Horn of the Pack is sounded, there is a 5% chance that the wolves will attack the blower and try to take the horn at the end of the hour before disappearing, and this chance increases by 5% each time the horn is used.

In addition to the power to summon wolves, the bearer of the Horn of the Pack may turn all sorts of wolves by brandishing it as a cleric turns undead with a holy symbol. Roll on the clerical turning table, treating the hit dice of the wolf as undead HD and using the bearer’s level as the clerical level.

After the 21st sounding, the horn cracks and loses all enchantment.

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5 Responses to Tuesday Treasure: Horn of the Pack

  1. bat says:

    Very nice flavor text and a great magic item. I like both the fact that the horn is limited to 21 uses and that the brigand said purdy music and not mouth.

    • Kilgore says:

      Damn. I didn’t even think of that.

    • Kilgore says:

      Oh, and odds are that no one gets all 21 uses out of it and lives to tell the tale. After the first couple times I’d be pretty leery of sounding that thing, to be honest. Or I’d only use it when I was sure the fight would take down most of the wolves in case they turned on me.

  2. Timeshadows says:

    lol @ bat

    Lord Kilgore, that is a nice item. 🙂

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