Tuesday Treasure: Evermore Coin

Back in the shadows of the narrow alleyway, Agvo held the strange gold coin in his hand, inspecting its rough but gleaming surface. “Muult’plii,” he whispered, wondering if the sage’s information had been worth the high price and the days of waiting while the old greybeard poured through ancient scrolls and musty tomes.

At the sound of the magic word, the coin shimmered for an instant and then a second coin, a perfect duplicate of the first, appeared in his hand. Agvo’s jaw dropped open in surprise.

“Muult’plii,” he whispered again. This time both coins shimmered and two duplicates suddenly appeared. “Muult’plii,” he said again, not whispering. In a flash, he held eight gold coins in his hand. “Muult’plii!” he said excitedly. The eight became sixteen. “Muult’plii!” Thirty-two.

Out on the street, Kilgore hurried along as best he could without attracting attention. Any second now the city watch would spot them, and it would time to fight yet again. They had to get out of town before that happened. So where in the Abyss had Agvo got to now? In fact, why had he been skulking around since they arrived four days ago?

In the alleyway, Agvo gazed at the coin. This was going to change everything! No more picking pockets for a couple of coppers to buy a meal. No more creeping into dark dungeons in search of gold. No more listening to anyone telling him to be mindful of what he spent. Agvo’s day of leisure had come at long last!

“What the Hades is this?!?” a voice roared. Agvo was so startled that he dropped the coin. He turned to see Kilgore rushing down from the street. Behind him was the sound of a great commotion.

“Oh,” Agvo began. “Remember that coin in the box in that chamber with the tapestry and wine rack?”

Kilgore pulled up short, glaring at him. “Devil take the coin, the tapestry, and the wine!” he shouted. “The city watch is coming! Dig yourself out of whatever deviltry you’ve been fooling with and let’s get out of here!”

Agvo looked down. He was standing in a pile of gold coins up to his knees. He hadn’t remembered making that many. He was about to reply when shouts from a group of watchmen echoed down the alley. He reached down for a coin but Kilgore had yanked him up and out of the golden heap and was dragging him roughly down the alley. As he tried in vain to break free from the warrior’s iron grip, he saw the watchmen stop at the pile of coins and begin stuffing their pockets.

“My gold!” Agvo wailed.

“Whatever the Hades you were doing,” Kilgore muttered, “you’re better off without the trouble that always accompanies that sort of sorcery…”

Evermore Coin

At first glance, this coin appears to be a normal, if old and worn, gold piece. Detect magic reveals its enchantment, but only research by a sage or similar expert can reveal its power. Upon uttering the magic word “Muult’plii,” the coin duplicates itself. Every copy within 5′ of the original will also duplicate itself if the word is said again, meaning that the number of coins can be doubled as fast as the owner can repeat the word.

If this seems to good to be true, be assured that it is. Firstly, anyone using the Evermore Coin‘s power must save vs. magic or be overcome with greed and become unable to stop multiplying the coins without outside intervention. This could lead to disaster in enclosed spaces.

Secondly, all the duplicate coins will transform into iron after one hour, meaning that anyone who purchases something with duplicate coins may have some explaining to do shortly thereafter. The original coin, easy to lose among a pile of golden duplicates, remains golden and enchanted.

The recent discussions of coins and weight reminded me of this creation from back in my early days of DMing. I can’t recall if the PC (played by my brother) who discovered the power of this item managed to grab a coin from the pile he had half buried himself in or not. If so, it must have been a copy and not the original, because I don’t remember further uses of it. It obviously has a lot of potential to unbalance things economically, but the resultant excitement when the riches turn to iron is sure to deflate anyone’s grand plans of free and easy money.

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