Was flipping through an old notebook when I came across this:

Unstocked Tower and Dungeon - PDF

Unstocked Tower and Dungeon - PDF

A 9 level, 50′ diameter tower with a small 3-level dungeon below.

To be honest, I have no idea what this was for. I don’t remember drawing it up, though it’s definitley my writing. My guess is that it’s from the late 1980s, though it could be as recent as 1993.

One thing I find a little curious are the diagonal rooms, particularly the parallelogram chamber on the 3rd level. That isn’t really like me. I wonder if that was something special.

In any event, it’s free for the taking. If anyone happens to use this, let me know.

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2 Comments to “Tower and Dungeon”

  1. bulette says:

    sweet. someone was making good use of their compass that day!