Last year when I began trying grid-based combat in my B/X game, I started making 1″ circular pieces by cutting art out of Magic: The Gathering cards and gluing them to wooden circles. It’s worked great on the tabletop and I’ve been very happy with the results, and now that I’m getting an online game going using Roll20, I’ve taken the same strategy and have been making character and monster tokens from MTG artwork.

Though this will tend to give the game a “look” that may not appeal to all oldschoolers, some on pure principle, I happen to like it. I played a little Magic back in the mid-90s and liked a lot of the artwork even back then. It’s only improved since.

My initial online test session went well and am working on getting a couple more scheduled for this weekend. The crash course learning has been going well and I think I’ve got a good handle on how to use Roll20 to play the oldschool-style game I want while taking advantage of some of the online tools like macros for various attacks and the dynamic lighting that will speed play and enhance the experience.

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