Today’s Prince Valiant Comic: Awesome


An Antediluvian Horror Has Risen From The Sea <br /><em>from Hal Foster's PRINCE VALIANT by Gianni and Schultz</em>

An Antediluvian Horror
Has Risen From The Sea

from Hal Foster's PRINCE VALIANT
by Gianni and Schultz

I haven’t followed Prince Valiant for quite a while now, but it seems this beast is on the rampage and Sir Galahad, “who thought little of the report of a dragon at large,” has found his knights badly overmatched. He is forced to call off the attack and fall back to Camelot to regroup and attempt to devise a plan to save the kingdom.

Sir Galahad. And knights from Camelot.


Kids, your little party of third level adventurers is going to have to make a run for it sometimes. It’s not the DM’s job to save your PCs’ skins when they’ve bitten off more than they can chew. Adventuring is for the courageous, but the foolhardy rarely last long.

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8 Responses to Today’s Prince Valiant Comic: Awesome

  1. KenHR says:

    Man, Galahad’s GM is just being a jerk. He didn’t even give the PCs magical items appropriate to their level. And I didn’t see any proper treasure parcels throughout. I hope Galahad and company oust their DM, or at the very least point out the relevant passages in PHB 1, 2 and 7 (preview on DDI!) that prove he’s doing it all wrong….


  2. bat says:

    Gadzooks. I am not a fan of Prince Valiant, but that looks like a predicament I would love to see my players in. A gigantic monitor lizard? Can you imagine the disease and bacteria in that gaping maw? Muahahaha!

  3. bulette says:

    lol monitor lizard! just what i was thinkin’

  4. KenHR says:

    Interestingly, this article on Komodo Dragons (related to monitors) appeared on Yahoo recently:

    • Kilgore says:

      I had just posted on that, KenHR. I actually think its sort of a bummer. I’ve always thought the bacteria bit of these guys was creepy beyond all get-out. Meaning: Cool as heck!

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