Summon Spirit Snake:
Thursday Thaumaturgy

This is how spirit snakes are created:

Summon Spirit Snake

Spell Level: M3, C3
Range: 10′
Duration: Permanent

The caster of this spell creates one spirit snake guardian which must be assigned to one object or specific location. The hit dice of the spirit snake depends upon the level of the caster:

  • 5th-6th level caster: 2 HD spirit snake
  • 7th-8th level caster: 3 HD spirit snake
  • 9th-10th level caster: 4 HD spirit snake
  • 12th level or higher caster: 5 HD spirit snake

The creator of a spirit snake may dispel it automatically within a range of 10′.

This means that PC spellcasters in S&W White Box (which limits PCs to 10th level) cannot create 5 HD spirit snakes. This seems in keeping with the reduced power levels of the game. Of course, that doesn’t mean that 5 HD spirit snakes cannot be encountered, perhaps having been created by legendary wizards, ancient liches, or demonic beings. (The last category includes nasty and heartless game masters…)

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