The Missing Box

At one point during a series of moves in 1993-1996, I believe a box filled with wargames and RPG materials was lost. I keep holding out hope that it will turn up at some point, but it’s probably never going to happen. I’m not even sure that all the listed items were actually packed in a box together, but I did have most of my game stuff packed into several large boxes for a while and all of this stuff is just plain gone.

Almost all of it was in very good or like-new condition, much of it had not been played very much (or ever) and now that I’ve written up a list it pains me to think how much money was spent on it back when every dollar was hard to come by.

Here is what I’m positive that I had:

Star Trek Deluxe RPG (including ST III space combat game)
–Federation Ships sourcebook
–Klingon Ships sourcebook
–The Four Years War sourcebook
–Return to Axanar module
–Ship Construction guide
–Star Trek IV Sourcebook
Fifth Fleet wargame
Pacific War war game
Flight Leader war game
DC Heroes RPG (first edition)
–Siege module
–New Titans Sourcebook
–Batman Sourcebook
–Both Legion of Super-Heroes sourcebooks
Statis Pro Baseball 1984 season
Statis Pro Baseball 1986 season
–1987 season cards
Statis Pro Football 1983 season
Marvel Super Heroes RPG
Marvel Super Heroes RPG (Advanced)
–Lone Wolves module
–Murderworld module
Twilight: 2000 RPG (First Edition)
–Free City of Krakow module
–Pirates of the Vistula module
–Ruins of Warsa module
–US Vehicle Guide sourcebook
–Soviet Vehicle Guide sourcebook
–Several other TW:2000 modules (bought in a cheap bundle)

My guess is that there are a few other things that I’ve forgotten over the years.

Of everything in the list, the one I played the most was the Statis-Pro Baseball game. Many many hours were spent with that, and for a couple of years it was certainly the game I spent the most time playing. Neither the Star Trek nor the Twilight:2000 games got a lot of playing, though I always wanted to. I always liked tabletop wargames but I had trouble finding anyone else that wanted to play.

What could have happened to all of this stuff, I do not know. Over the years, a few items that I had thought lost have turned up here or there. Missing maps for a Dragonlance module were stuffed inside an issue of Dragon magazine, for instance, and I was glad to find them not too long ago. So maybe some of this stuff will be found. But as it’s whole sets (all of my Twilight 2000 stuff or all of my Star Trek RPG stuff, for example) I doubt it will.

Maybe someday I’ll be digging through boxes somewhere and come upon all of this. It will be like an extra Christmas.

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3 Responses to The Missing Box

  1. I love dice baseball games. Bummer to lose that one.

    • Kilgore says:

      Statis-Pro actually used cards instead of dice. Strat-O-Matic was the popular one that used dice, IIRC. I tried that one and thought it was okay. I particularly liked the fact that it modeled each ballpark, something Statis-Pro didn’t do.

      I’m not sure, but I always thought that Statis-Pro was more accurate, statistically.

  2. Zanazaz says:

    I feel your pain. I have new rules concerning my gaming materials, collectibles, etc. I will never sell, loan, or let out of my possession rule books, modules, dice, or accessories. I will not store the aforementioned items in a storage unit. < A very bad idea… I am in the process of rebuilding my collection, not sure if I can do that entirely. As I build up my collection I will inventory everything, store it properly, and insure it.

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