The Heart of Darkness

Realized that my post of my One-Page Dungeon (which isn’t even a dungeon) is part of what vanished into the ethereal plane this week. Here it is again:

The Heart of Darkness<br />One Page Dungeon

The Heart of Darkness
One Page Dungeon

As a side note, I’ve made several significant changes to this one-pager as we’ve begun playing. The most immediately noticeable is the scale of 15 miles per hex. My plan had been to map things out using 1-league (3 mile) sub-hexes, with 1-mile detail hexes only when/where necessary. However, I decided to go with an “everything conforms to hex sides” plan but was stuck with river hexes three miles wide. So I decided to go back to the good old “5 miles per large scale hex” scale, making the area covered by the one-page map only a third as big. I think, as it’s all heavy jungle, that it will still provide far more than enough territory for the low- and mid-level adventuring this eastern section of the Forbidden Jungle is intended for.

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2 Responses to The Heart of Darkness

  1. bat says:

    I am glad to see you getting back into the jungle and I look forward to your jungle related posts!

    • Kilgore says:

      It all happened so fast on the heels of the OPD contest that I can barely get my notes together to play let alone get them posted online. But more will be coming.

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