Talons of Cheng-Wiang
–Thursday Thaumaturgy

Locklar unsheathed a dagger. “I don’t care if that little magician did come from across the sea,” he muttered. “He’s going down.”

With a yell, he charged the diminutive man in the silk robes and pointed slippers.

The frail man, his narrow eyes focused on the warrior, made a slight gesture with his right hand and Locklar grunted in pain as something invisible scratched at him savagely. Ignoring it, Locklar continued his assault.

But when another unseen claw struck him, and then another and another, he thought better of it.

“Okay,” he groaned, hoping that the dark-haired barmaid who had been smiling at him earlier wasn’t watching, “maybe I’ll just leave him alone for now.”

The man gave him a slight bow, then turned back to his wine.

Talons of Cheng-Wiang

Spell Level: M1
Duration: Special
Range: 50′

This spell causes an invisible claw to strike at an opponent, causing 1d4 points of damage if a successful to-hit roll is made (rolled as a normal melee attack.) It can attack once per combat round, striking any single target within sight of the caster and range of the spell.

If the attack hits, the spell continues for an additional round. If it misses, the spell caster may roll a save vs. spells to keep it in effect. If a ‘1’ is rolled for the save, however, the caster suffers 1d4 points of damage plus one additional point per level above first.

Personally, I’d allow casters to keep the talons of Cheng-Wiang active even after the combat ends as long as they keep rolling successful saving throws. This spell can pump up the combat power of a low level mage, but it comes with a serious risk.

I would NOT allow fake “attacks” against whatever is handy (walls, trees, etc.) in an attempt to avoid needing to roll a saving throw, though.

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