Take Root
–Thursday Thaumaturgy

Jorda pulled up short, looking at Locklar. “Did you know that you’ve got roots growing out of your legs?” he asked, trying unsuccessfully to conceal a grin.

“Shut up…”

Take Root

Spell Level: M1, D1
Range: 40′ + 10’/level
Duration: 1 turn + 1 minute/level

One targeted creature has roots grow out of its feet and lock them in place for the duration of the spell. A saving throw is allowed, and success means the target spends one round disentangling itself before escaping. The roots can take 15 hit points plus 10 hit points per level of damage before the target is freed.

Sort of a low-power hold person, affecting only one target and leaving everything but the victim’s legs free to act. Plus, it can be broken out of.

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5 Responses to Take Root
–Thursday Thaumaturgy

  1. Timeshadows says:

    I very much like this one, but, if I may, would suggest that the HP of the roots is too high for a spell of that level. My suggestion would be 10 + 5/.

    • Kilgore says:

      Oops. That was supposed to be 15 + 10/level, for a *total* of 25 for a 1st level casting. I’ll correct it to that right away.

      I considered the hit points for a while, wanting a way for someone to hack themselves out but not *too* quickly.

      Say that Locklar has been rooted by a 3rd-level magic-user, his roots have 45 hit points. With a long sword he will do an average of 4 points per round (ten seconds in Labyrinth Lord or B/X) and will free himself in 12 rounds, or 2 minutes. If his friend the dwarf helps, he’s out in one minute.

      Compared to 1st-level sleep (WAY over-powered in my book) or 2nd-level hold person, I think this seems about right. Neither of those spells offer any way to free yourself once you’re affected, and both of them prevent you from any other action.

      The 10 + 5/lvl rate would mean Locklar could free himself in only one minute, which seems a bit fast for me.

      Maybe a 20 + 5/lvl would allow for the same starting point but ramp it up more slowly, so that higher-level castings aren’t quite so tough.

  2. Kilgore says:

    I changed the time spent disentangling on a successful save from 1 minute to 1 round. We play Labyrinth Lord (10 second rounds) so the distinction is important. That seems to make more sense.

    Also, if anyone has any comments on the hit point total that Timeshadows raised, don’t be shy.

  3. Timeshadows says:

    The way it is written now looks great.

    I agree about Sleep, et. al., –and that the 10-second v. 6-second rounds certainly need to be taken into consideration.
    Thanks for going into that detail.

  4. bat says:

    Pretty slick, squire.

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