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Hex Numbering

Let’s say, hypothetically speaking, that I was working on a project that involved a large wilderness hex map. And that this map exceeded 99 columns and/or rows, meaning up to three digits for each. What sort of hex numbering scheme … Continue reading

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Choosing a Direction

Readers have probably figured out that I am quite streaky when it comes to posting here, ripping off a post a day for stretches lasting weeks or even months, then going almost totally silent for periods just as long. That … Continue reading

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Heart of Darkness

The winners of the 2010 One Page Dungeon Contest have been announced and I’m honored that The Heart of Darkness is listed among them. After last year’s honorable mention, I’m very flattered to have scored again. It’s the winner of … Continue reading

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Jungle Minions

For our adventures in the Forbidden Jungle, we’ve had to modify our Labyrinth Minions system to include the native tribesmen who are hiring themselves out to hunters, explorers, and adventurers. There is a steady stream of people from the settled … Continue reading

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Sickle Swords of the Exiles
–Tuesday Treasure

Sickle Swords of the Exiles These weapons are cast of copper or bronze and usually heavily stained or tarnished by the ages. Often they have various runes or hieroglyphs inscribed on the blades. These slashing weapons have always been associated … Continue reading

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Family Finally Survives a Session

The family reconvened for another foray in the Forbidden Jungle with new PCs they had rolled up since the previous TPK. My wife had a halfling druid (great move for the environment) while my daughter went with a dwarf fighter … Continue reading

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–Monday Monster

With all due credit to all those who have written up sword & sorcery serpent people in past, here are some of the primary movers and shakers in the Forbidden Jungle: Snake-Men No. Enc.: 1d8 (3d6) Alignment: Chaotic Movement: 90′ … Continue reading

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The Heart of Darkness

Realized that my post of my One-Page Dungeon (which isn’t even a dungeon) is part of what vanished into the ethereal plane this week. Here it is again: As a side note, I’ve made several significant changes to this one-pager … Continue reading

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