Steady Pace

I’ve been posting here at the Lord Kilgore blog for just over three months now. It began as a bit of a lark, but I’ve been enjoying it immensely and I’ve started to build a little bit of a following.

I try to post something new every day (which is something that a lot of game bloggers seem NOT to do) but I don’t really think I’ve got the time to pick up things too far beyond that.

I hope readers are finding this site to be worthwhile and I hope that some of the monsters, treasures, spells, and rules ideas I toss up get some use with other players.

I’ve got a few lengthier articles in mind for the very near future, but the current style of posting seems to be working out well so far and I probably won’t be deviating from it too often. I’ll do my best to keep up with my weekly features (Monday Monster, Tuesday Treasure, and Thursday Thaumaturgy) as well as a dose of Explosive Runes on Friday afternoon.

Thanks for reading. Hope you’re enjoying the site. If you’ve got any questions, comments, or nasty remarks, don’t be shy.

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15 Responses to Steady Pace

  1. Jack Colby says:

    I recently found your blog and have been checking it every day. You have some great stuff, and your blog has a fresh feel to it. The steady pace is important… to post rarely defeats the point of a blog. Some of the blog guys post so infrequently they should probably be keeping websites, not blogs!

  2. Restless says:

    I love the blog, but I really wish there was an option to get an email about new comments after commenting.

  3. ainatan says:

    I like to read this blog. I hope you keep enjoying blogging. Keep it up.

  4. Telecanter says:

    I’ve just recently started blogging myself and I like the way you partition your posting days up by content. In fact, I’m thinking of emulating it to try to keep up my posting endurance (rather than putting stuff up in fits and starts). Plus you have interesting stuff in an aestheticly pleasing package. So, thanks, and keep it up!

    • Kilgore says:

      The “fits and starts” thing is something I run into all the time. Using the scheduled posting feature allows you to write when you want but make your publishing a little more level.

      As pointed out in another comment here, most readers would rather have 1 or 2 posts per day regularly rather than no new posts for almost a week and then ten posts in two days.

    • Kilgore says:

      It just dawned on my that you aren’t on my blogroll.

      Shame on me. I will fix immediately.

  5. Love your blog – keep up the good work!

    (BTW, I wouldn’t worry about getting up to more than one post a day. Multiple posts per day may be fine for people who only read a handful of blogs. But I have a ton of blogs I try to keep up with; more than one post a day on any of these not only increases the amount of time I have to spend reading blogs (believe it or not, I do like to do other things besides reading blogs :P) but it also increases the chance that I’ll miss a post. One post a day is fine by me!)

    • Kilgore says:

      I agree. I’ve got some experience blogging in other areas and different rules apply for different types of content and different types of readers.

      For the gaming community, 25 quick posts a day on a wide range of issues is not going to go over very well.

  6. bat says:

    Other than posting my movie suggestions you have a super blog. I really like the fact that you write little introductory blurbs for your posts, I try to, but sometimes I am less inspired than others, something I am trying to go back through and fix.

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