Spirit Servant
–Monday Monster

I decided the the first Monday Monster I started writing up needed more work before publishing, so the alternate is one day late:

Jorgen downed the last of his ale and looked around for the round-bottomed serving wench to call for another. She gave him a smile and a wink, pretending to be shocked when he pinched her as she leaned over the table. “Pete’s has the cheapest ale in town!” he laughed, tossing another copper onto her ale-soaked serving tray.

“There’s a reason for that!” called another patron who had evidently enjoyed several already.

Jorgen gave another laugh, reaching for the girl yet again but just missing as she headed back to the bar for his drink. “She can’t keep away from me!” he said, nudging the halfling next to him in the ribs. The halfling didn’t respond, but that was probably because he was passed out, his forehead resting on the dirty table. Jorgen laughed again.

The serving wench was about halfway back, but she had stopped mid-stride. Jorgen motioned for her to bring him his drink, his addled mind trying to work out a way to pull her onto his lap when she arrived. “Come on, sweetie!” he called. “I’m mighty thirsty!” But she didn’t respond.

It took a moment, but Jorgen slowly began to realize that many of those in Pete’s had stopped their carousing and were staring at the front entrance. Though a few inebriated souls carried on, most were now silent. Jorgen swung his head around, trying to focus on whatever it was they were looking at.

Jorgen gulped, his head clearing a bit. Standing in the entrance was a dark, shadowy figure. It was indistinct and seemed to shimmer a bit, but it appeared to be the shade of a man in a hooded cloak. The figure was holding a sword. Not a dark, shadowy sword, but a real sword in a real leather scabbard. Jorgen gulped again as he recognized the hilt.

“That’s Julian’s sword!” he gasped.

The figure made its way toward him, the patrons nearly falling over themselves to get out of its way. It stopped before Jorgen, holding out the sword as if offering it to him.

“That’s Julian’s sword,” Jorgen repeated. “He wanted it. He took it. It’s his now. I want no part of it.”

The figure stepped closer, still holding out the weapon.

“Get away!” Jorgen shouted at the figure. “My brother got everything and left me without two coppers to rub together! All I wanted was Father’s sword. But it’s too late. He can’t make peace now! Not by sending some spectre! He could at least have come himself. He can roast in Hades, for all I care!”

Again, the figure offered the sword. Jorgen was about to push it away when he noticed something on the grip and pommel.


“Has…” Jorgen began. “Has something happened to him?”

The figure simply offered the sword again.

Swallowing, Jorgen reached out tentatively and accepted it. As he did, the figure faded away. The crowd let out a collective sigh as it disappeared.

Jorgen ignored them, gazing at the weapon that had been his father’s and his brother’s. The weapon that symbolized the gulf between two men who had grown up with the bonds that only twins share but had grown apart in the aftermath of their father’s death.

“Bring me my ale, sweetie,” Jorgen called. “I need one more drink before I go out to avenge my brother…”

Spirit Servant

No. Enc.: 1 (1)
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 120 (40)
Armor Class: 0 [19]
Hit Dice: 4
Attacks: 1 touch
Damage: 1d6
Save: F9
Morale: 12
Hoard Class: None
XP: 210

Spirit servants are summoned by necromantic magic to fulfill one specific task, often the delivery of an object or message to a particular individual. Though capable of defending themselves, assignments are generally not violent. Once given their mission, spirit servants wander the lands of the living until they have succeeded.

Spirit servants can only be struck by silver or magical weapons. Their chilling touch does 1d6 damage and requires a save vs. magic. Those that fail flee in fear for 1d6 minutes. Spirit servants will only fight in self-defense and try to avoid combat if at all possible. Spirit servants can be turned by clerics, but they cannot be destroyed or commanded. Once the turning effects wear off, they will resume their task.

Spirit servants are incapable of speech unless their mission is the delivery of a spoken message. In this case they act as a sort of recording device and will speak the words in the voice of the sender.

(White Box) Spirit Servant: HD: 4; AC 0 [19]; Atk 1 touch (1d6); Move 12; Save 10; XP 240

I’ve never really been big on necromancy-type magic, but I thought this was a nice alternative to some of the existing options in the “magical servant” department. (And the intro story sort of ran out of control. I’m not sure who Jorgen and Julian are, or exactly what their story is, but now I’m a bit curious…)

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5 Responses to Spirit Servant
–Monday Monster

  1. sean wills says:

    Nice one, well thought out and good little intro story. Also I like how you’ve presented the stats top and bottom – very clear.

    • Kilgore says:

      Thanks on the stats. My goal is to have B/X-LL stats (adding ascending AC) on top which can be used for just about anything. With White Box OD&D/S&W-style stats below, as they’re different. Not sure how successful I’ve been at converting, but they won’t be off by TOO much.

    • Kilgore says:

      Oh, and that intro story totally took over. It was supposed to be a quick shorty because I didn’t have time. Now I’ve got to find out who these guys are, what happened, and how it ends.

  2. Timeshadows says:

    Very nice, Kilgore. 🙂

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