Simplified And Combined Attacks
–Monday Monsters

Here are a few monsters written up as we’re using them in our game these days:

Monster # Enc Move AC HD Damage Special
Bear, Black 1d4 (1d4) 120 6 4 2d6 Hug for 2d6 on to-hit of 18+
Cat, Large, Mountain Lion 1d4 (1d4) 150 6 3 2d6 Surprise on 1-3
Dinosaur, Triceratops 0


90 2 11 1d8 To-hit of 18+ indicates gore for 2d6, Can charge to trample for 3d6 (to-hit of 18+ during trample indicates gore for additional 2d6)
Dragon, Blue



Fly 240

0 9 2d8+1 Lightning 100’x5’ linear breath weapon 3 times/day, 20% Asleep, 40% Speech/Magic spells 5/4/0
Minotaur 1d6


120 6 6 1d6+1 * +2 damage with weapons, Gore for extra 1d4 on to-hit of 19+, Will pursue fleeing opponents
Owl Bear 1d4


120 5 5 2d8 Hug for extra 2d8 on to-hit of 20
Scorpion, Giant 1d6


150 2 4 1d6+1 Poison tail stings on to-hit of 19+ (1 hp damage, save vs. poison or die in 1d6 rounds)
Shark, Great White 0


Swim 180 4 8 1d10+1 Double damage on to-hit of 19+

Bears, Black average 6’ tall and will not fail morale if defending their cubs.
Cats, Large, Mountain Lion prefer mountains and high grassy meadows but are sometimes found in labyrinths and dungeons.
Dinosaurs, Triceratops are 12’ high and 40 long herbivores but are aggressive to intruders. They prefer to charge and trample during the first round of combat.
Dragons, Blue prefer to lair in plains or deserts and breathe lightning. They are warlike and will attempt to attack from the air.
Minotaurs have furred human bodies and the heads of bulls. They delight in the taste of human flesh and often lair in maze-like places. They have a 2-in-6 chance of speaking the common tongue.
Owl Bears have the bodies of huge bears and gigantic owl heads. They stand 8’ tall.
Scorpions, Giant are 6’ long plus their tail.

As usual, the web page format doesn’t allow a page-width display of the table, and I’ve cut off the columns for Morale, Save, and Treasure Class. Otherwise it’s pulled right from the preliminary version of our rules. Some creatures (Djinn, for instance) have a more lengthy description due to a range of non-combat abilities, but I’ve tried to include all the combat-pertinent info in the table.

Attacks have been combined down into one abstract attack and special attacks (like the scorpion’s sting) are usually handled by ruling that they strike on very high to-hit rolls. A star (*) in the damage column means “or by weapon.”

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4 Responses to Simplified And Combined Attacks
–Monday Monsters

  1. Stuart says:

    Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

    I’ve been planning on combining multiple attacks from monsters into single attacks as well – but so far the players haven’t encountered any.

  2. Koren n'Rhys says:

    Nice job, Kilgore. This really looks great so far. I think it fits the simplicity of S&W quite nicely. You’ve been sharing a lot of really interesting ideas lately and I can’t wait to see how the game turns out.

    • Kilgore says:

      Thanks K’n’R. Our homebrew game is basically turning into a B/X/LL “engine” with 1eAD&D/AEC characters and OD&D/S&W simplification of monsters, spells, and a few other things. With, of course, our house rules (like Roll to Advance) worked in.

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