Sickle Swords of the Exiles
–Tuesday Treasure

Sickle Swords of the Exiles

These weapons are cast of copper or bronze and usually heavily stained or tarnished by the ages. Often they have various runes or hieroglyphs inscribed on the blades. These slashing weapons have always been associated with a people known as “the exiles,” though who these exiles were, where they came from, or what happened to them is a mystery.

The sickle swords of the exiles function as +2 long swords and are 75% likely to also possess a minor power. This power is not always beneficial. Some possible powers include:

Sickle Sword of the Exiles

  1. Double damage vs. poisonous creatures
  2. Glow (as per light spell) 3 times/day
  3. Walk on water for 1 turn 1 time/day
  4. Know Direction 3 times/day
  5. On to-hit roll of 20 damage caused (excluding +2 bonus) is healed in wielder
  6. Wielder gains 60′ infravision when holding sickle sword
  7. Cause fear to all within 10′ of the wielder when drawn
  8. On to-hit roll of 1 cause 1d4 points of electrical damage to wielder
  9. +2 reaction penalty when drawn
  10. Requires save vs. magic to draw
  11. Constantly emits low hum (-1 penalty to surprise rolls)
  12. Specific monster gains +1 to-hit vs. wielder due to racial hatred of the sword
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2 Responses to Sickle Swords of the Exiles
–Tuesday Treasure

  1. bat says:

    Very nice.
    I like weapons that also have drawbacks (like my last two maces). I feel that this reflects the weird ways of magic and adds to the Great Unknown, making the players wonder why their new weapon calls out challenges to wandering monsters.

  2. Timeshadows says:

    My guess: Hebrews / Hyksos.
    –Very Exodus-esque.

    Cool sword-stuff. 😀

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