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After a few months of pretty steady B/X Dungeons & Dragons activity, I’ve hit a little bit of a lull gaming-wise. However, I am excited to be prepping for what will hopefully be a fair amount of Traveller over the holiday season, including some gaming with my 12-year-old nephew who I introduced to the game this past summer.

Deluxe Traveller
Deluxe Traveller

My Traveller game is what I call LBB123. It consists of the three classic core Little Black Books (1981 edition) only, with a smattering of material from the other LBBs, particularly those from early in the game’s run.

In great part due to the excellent Traveller blogging over at Tales to Astound, I have been learning a lot more about the differences between the original 1977 edition of Traveller and the 1981 revision that was my first RPG back on my birthday in 1982. While I still prefer the 1981 books, I have come to appreciate a few of the things that were in the original and have been tweaking my LBB123 a little to hit what I think is the “sweet spot.”

I do not use the “Official Traveller Universe” in my game, but elements of the Third Imperium and other OTU material definitely show up here and there. Kilgore’s Traveller Universe is the descendant of my first attempt to abandon the Third Imperium back in 1987, but hopefully without all players abandoning me this time.

In the coming weeks I plan to blog about my Traveller game and, hopefully, some of our upcoming experiences. Topics will include (in no particular order):

  • The rules used (and not used) in Kilgore’s LBB123. And why.
  • All-Terrian Includes Water: Tweaks to a few of the skills for improved pulpiness
  • Not Just Scum and Villainy: My adjustments to the Other career
  • Making the Kessel Run in Less Than 5 Par-secs: Jump speed
  • She’s Got It Where It Counts, Kid: Some new options for Book 2 ship designs
  • A Few of My Favorite Things: Kilgore’s Traveller Universe

(Line-up subject to change.)

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