Scarab of Hearkening
–Tuesday Treasure

Emma giggled and grabbed Arthena’s arm, pulling her closer. “So,” she began conspiratorially, “Mortigan mentioned that you had dinner with the Duke last night.”

Arthena smiled. “Yes. It was a wonderful meal.”

Emma pulled her closer still. “And he added that you didn’t return until late. Very late.”

Arthena’s face reddened slightly. “That sorcerer talks too much for his own good.”

Emma giggled again. “I knew it!” she exclaimed. “You must tell me everything!”

Arthena looked around. No one else was in the room, but she shook her head. “Let’s go outside,” she said. “Something is bugging me about this room.”

Scarab of Hearkening

These objects are usually made of stone or metal, usually shaped into the likeness of a beetle. An item “paired” with the scarab of hearkening, often a ring or an amulet of some sort, allows whatever sound is made within the presence of the scarab to be mentally heard by whoever has the paired item. It operates reliably up to 50 miles, with a cumulative 10% chance of failure for every additional 50 miles.

When someone with the “paired” item focuses a crystal ball on the scarab, the range is 5000 miles with no chance of failure. Using the crystal ball to listen to the scarab does not count against the daily use limit of the crystal ball.

It is entirely possible that other scrying devices work with the scarab of hearkening in a similar manner.

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–Tuesday Treasure

  1. bat says:

    Very, very nice item. I will be snagging this for upcoming mayhem.

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