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I might be the last person on earth to know about this, but all of the Sage Advice columns from Dragon Magazine issues 31-134 are available online. This covers the 1e AD&D period nicely and will be a useful resource.

Here’s one from Dragon #39 that should help settle some arguments:

Aside from the obvious ones (pole arms and bows), which of the listed weapons are two-handed?
A battle axe, spear, morning star and bastard sword can be, and a bo stick, quarterstaff, two-handed sword and a trident always are.

Straight and to the point. Often, however, the response includes details which can give a little insight into the thinking behind the rule. Here is one from Dragon #42:

How much experience are the various Girdles of Giant Strength worth? I seriously doubt 200, when Gauntlet; of Ogre Power are worth 1,000.
The Girdles are only worth 200 points for several reasons. First, while they do add to the strength of an individual, they do little to add to the intelligence or cautiousness of that being. Secondly, while the strength of a giant is given, the giant’s innate toughness is not conferred upon the wearer. This means that while a giant could smash its fist through a wooden door, a human would break bones when doing it. While a giant could hurl bars apart, a human would rip flesh in the attempt. The gauntlets, on the other hand, offer a great deal of protection for the hands and arms and thus are worth more.

That’s official, even though I don’t necessarily buy it.

And page numbers are often referenced.

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  1. they do little to add to the intelligence or cautiousness of that being.

    Dear Skip, back-pedal much?

    (I remember sending a 3-page letter directly to Skip, filled with questions back in the mid-80’s…he answered every one in a 5+ page response. Probably should post that, eh?)

    BTW, thanks for the link.

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