Saddle-Stitched Knockspell #2

Got my Lulu fix yesterday, and it included Knockspell #2. In a word, this magazine is AWESOME. All sorts of old-school goodness.

It’s available in perfect-bound and saddle-stitch (stapled) versions, and I picked up the saddle-stitch. Mythmere had been hesitant to make it available in stapled, as the page count was nearly at the saddle-stitch maximum, but after I requested it he did so.

I appears that the fears were well-founded. Here’s a photo of my copy:

Staples in saddle-stitched Knockspell #2

Staples in saddle-stitched Knockspell #2

As you can see (especially if you click for a bigger version) the staples are barely hanging on to the inner pages. Considering that this issue is certain to get a fairly good workout (it’s absolutely packed with great material) I have no doubt that they’ll be giving out fairly soon and I’ll have to do some repair work.

Now, I still prefer the saddle-stitch version over the perfect-bound for this sort of publication. In fact, I’d personally prefer any gaming material that isn’t coil-bound to be stapled. But if you’re considering the saddle-stitched version of Knockspell #2, be warned.

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