Ruins of Atlantis

Explore the remains of a legendary kingdom thought to have vanished from the face of the earth.

What really happened?

Where are the Atlanteans now?

Who lives in the wreckage today?

What ancient treasures can you uncover?

And will you survive to tell the tale?

Ruins of Atlantis is the new campaign setting I’m working on for my Labyrinth Lord game. It’s going to be a sandbox-type setting with an emphasis on exploration. If the players are interested, we could end up digging into the history of things and try to discover what happened and why. Or, more likely, we could end up digging into the ruins in search of monsters to kill and treasure to loot.

Though I’ve currently only got a very small pool of players, I plan to set this up so that we can West Marches it if the opportunity arises.

Below is the first rough map of the setting:

Ruins of Atlantis - First Draft<br /> <em>Click for bigger version</em>

Ruins of Atlantis - First Draft
Click for bigger version

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