‘Roll a d20’

From last night’s session of Labyrinth Lord with my son and his 5th-level thief:

Me: The dead half-orc has seven gold pieces and two vials filled with liquid.

Son: I’ll take the first vial and give the second vial to the dwarf. Dwarves have a bonus against poison, right?

Me: Correct.

Son: I take a sip of my vial.

Me: Which vial is yours, again? The first one or the second one?

Son: The first one.

Me: Roll a d20.

Son: [Sighs] 11.

Me: What’s your saving throw vs. poison?

Son: 12.

Me: It’s a potion of healing.

He was so relieved that he wasn’t even mad at me for messing with him a bit.

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  1. bat says:

    I always liked the, “No, the troll really, really was the princess routine.”

    Fun every time.

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