Returned From the Astral Plane

Kilgore is back. August was a light month here at the web site, and I barely got in any playing or any work on my projects. I’m hoping that September shapes up to be a bit more gaming-friendly.

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4 Responses to Returned From the Astral Plane

  1. Timeshadows says:

    Timeshadows is glad Kilgore is back

    Here’s to September. 🙂

  2. bat says:

    The bat is also happy that Lord Kilgore has returned from the wars on the Astral Plane.

    Let’s see them September posts!

  3. Get in, glad to have you back, yr Lordship !

  4. “Checkmate, honey, beat you at your own damn game… no dice, honey, I’m living on the astral plane…”

    Welcome back!

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