Restenford Campaign Log – Session 2

Got in a second session of our new AD&D campaign which uses L1: The Secret of Bone Hill as a starting point. This session, my wife joined up and selected a PC from the “standby” folder I have ready for just such an event. She selected an elf fighter/thief (still un-named) and she and my daughter were off. My son was busy doing something else and apparently didn’t feel like playing, so his PC stayed behind.

Like the short first session, this one was a lot of role-playing and wandering about town. When headed up to the castle to confront the rumored-to-be-evil local baron, however, they decided they might need a bit more muscle. At this point my daughter went to successfully coax her brother into joining the game. I ruled that his albino half-orc fighter had slept in (keeping in character with the PC’s player) but was roused from bed and ready to adventure.

I believe that the start of this session might be the first time I’ve run an all-girls group of players where there was more than one player.

Since I know a lot of readers aren’t necessarily interested in reading full session reports from other peoples’ games, I’ll put the write-up below the fold.

FIGHTER/THIEF arrived in Restenford and joined up with HEARTH and HEARNORA (NPC F Half-Elf MU-3) at Falco’s Tavern. They decided to continue the search for the giant rats in town by checking out the woods behind the abbey but found nothing after extensive searching. They spoke with two acolytes from the abbey.
RUMOR: The Baron of Restenford is really chaotic evil.

They decided to go check out the Baron’s castle but wanted more strength so HEARTH convinced GORK the albino half-orc to join them. They asked the guards at the gate if they could speak to the Baron about the rat problem and one of the guards went to go see. While waiting, the PCs saw Peltar the sorcerer leave his tower and head down into town. The Baroness came out and offered them a reward of 150gp per person if they would rid the town of giant rats and told them that Gelpas, the captain of the guard, could maybe give them some more info about the rats. She gave them a letter stating that the party was acting on behalf of the Baron.

The party found Gelpas at lunch in the Inn of the Dying Minotaur and after seeing the letter from the Baroness he told them that he suspected the giant rats had a nest somewhere near the burned-out guard house. When he kept the letter, FIGHTER/THIEF tried to get it back by picking his pocket. The first picking attempt failed and a second failure resulted in Gelpas noticing and arresting him. The party followed at a distance as Gelpas marched FIGHTER/THIEF up to the castle and summoned the Baron. Fortunately, the Baron ruled that it had all been a misunderstanding and that all were free to go and carry on with their mission. The Baron kept the letter and Gelpas was displeased with the decision.

The party decided to talk to the fishermen’s families living near the guard house but didn’t learn much, so they decided to put out a bucket of fish heads to try to bait some giant rats into coming out. They put the “rat chum” out in the field near the ruins and took up position behind a fisherman’s dwelling. That night, two giant rats took the bait; FIGHTER/THIEF shot them both with his short bow and they took the tails as proof of their success.

Having seen that the giant rats approached from the direction of the ruins, they ventured in to check them out again but initially found nothing. As they were leaving, however, they discovered a concealed trap door under a rotting carpet in the bedroom. Another rat was at the bait pile and they shot it too. They dragged the carcasses to the crossroads, doused them with wine, and burned them. As it was three in the morning by now, they decided to head back to Falco’s to sleep.

So far, two sessions in and the only combat has been three bow shots at giant rats.

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2 Responses to Restenford Campaign Log – Session 2

  1. Oddly enough, Bone Hill is the very first adventure I played in a real campaign, and is where my original D&D character hailed from. Happy memories. Thanks for reminding me of that 🙂

  2. Kilgore says:

    I bought Bone Hill on clearance in the late 80s as 2e was coming out and it sat in my Greyhawk box unused for 20 years. It looks to be a great sandbox-type campaign starting point, and I will probably be using L2 (at some point), with other modules, parts of yet other modules, lots of one-pagers, and various other stuff plopped down all over the place. The region is going to be CRAWLING with potential adventures.

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