Restenford Campaign Log, Session 1

We kicked off our new AD&D campaign Monday evening with PCs that had been rolled up over the weekend. Initially, the only two players are my two kids, but we are hoping to add a couple more (players, not kids) as things get rolling. A blow to our plans is the fact that a few friends of my son who we’d hoped to recruit have parents who are opposed to D&D, which I thought seemed real 80s but is what it is.

We didn’t have a lot of time Monday evening and it took a bit for the players to get their bearings, but we got things started. PCs are starting at level 3 but with 0 XP and normal starting money and gear. So though they’ll be a lot more survivable and have a good boost in power, they’ll still have to earn enough XP to advance and they’ll have to find magic and treasure the old fashioned way.

Here’s the log of the first session:

Session: 1; Date: 9/5/2011; Location: Home (1.5 hrs)
Game Dates: 9/1 – 9/2; Start: Restenford; End: Restenford
Characters: Hearth, Gork, (Hearnora)

Hearth (F Half-Elf F3), Gork (Half-Orc F3), and Hearnora (NPC F Half-Elf MU3, sister of Hearth) arrived in Restenford in search of adventure. Got meals and rooms at the Inn of the Dying Minotaur.
RUMOR: A child was bitten by a giant rat.
RUMOR: There are ruins on top of Bone Hill.
RUMOR: A band of brigands lairs on Bald Hill.

The party debated whether or not to head for Bone Hill but decided to investigate the rat attack and began searching along the western bank of the river. While looking under the dock at Falco’s Tavern the owner sees them and invited them in for a drink.
RUMOR: There are huge wolves in the Kelman woods that serve a giant.

The party continued the search along the river and surrounding area, including a burned-out stone building at the end of the road near the stockade wall. GORK got pricked by a needle trap on a chest of drawers in a bedroom but it had no effect. They also dug through the warped remains of an armory in the building but didn’t find anything of interest in the ruins and gave up for the day.

They got rooms at Falco’s Tavern because it’s cheaper than the Inn of the Dying Minotaur.

Not a lot accomplished, but things are underway. The second session (actually already played last night) didn’t have to deal with introductions and background, and the PCs already had some idea of what they’re wanting to do.

I also decided to institute a 100 XP/level session award for each PC. This session consisted of no combat and no treasure found. I’m not really interested in subjective “roleplaying” or “story” awards, but I also don’t want PCs going completely empty-handed after this sort of session. 100 XP/level/session is my compromise, though I might have to cap it at higher levels. We’ll see.

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