Repeating Blowgun
–Tuesday Treasure

“I see you’ve traded in your spear for a short staff,” Mortigan observed.

Locklar pretended not to hear, but the magic-user was undeterred.

“Needed a walking stick?”

Locklar just kept walking, the feathers attached to the top of the five-foot pole waving in the breeze.

“Back been bothering you?”

Locklar sighed and turned to his companion. “Just keep wheedling, spell slinger.”

Mortigan nearly offered a snappy comeback, but decided against it. Best not to take chances, he decided.

Repeating Blowgun

When blown through forcefully, a magical dart is fired from this long, narrow wooden tube. A normal to-hit roll is required, with standard missile adjustments applied. A hit causes 1d4 points of damage. Two darts may be fired per round for a number of rounds equal to half the user’s constitution (rounded up). After that, only one dart may be fired per round until the user has rested (no firing) for five minutes.

The weapon’s ranges are dependent upon its length:

Length Short Med Long
4′ 20′ 40′ 60′
5′ 30′ 60′ 90′
6′ 40′ 80′ 120′

10% of these weapons deliver a paralyzing poison (1 turn duration, save allowed) on a natural to-hit rol of ’20.’

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