Pre-Rolled HD Sheets

Just a simple DM aid that I quickly cooked up with Excel: Sheets of 144 pre-rolled hit point totals for 1 HD monsters. Gross.

Since we use d6 hit dice in our homebrew game, I made sheets for both 1d8 and 1d6:

Pre-rolled 1d6 Hit Dice

Pre-rolled 1d6 Hit Dice - PDF

Pre-rolled 1d8 Hit Dice

Pre-rolled 1d8 Hit Dice - PDF

With circles to mark off as they get hit.

I have a pile of d6s that I roll and just line up while playing, but this might be a useful alternative. I don’t have nearly enough d8s to do the same thing with d8 HD (and they don’t line up nearly so nice) so this could be a big time saver.

Also going onto the free Kreations page. I’ll cook up more sheets for higher HD as time allows.

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9 Responses to Pre-Rolled HD Sheets

  1. Timeshadows says:

    Very nice of you to offer this to us.
    –Much appreciation for the time-investment, LK.

  2. The Bane says:

    This is quite awesome. Got a 4HD monster, just circle four consecutive lines and get to crossing out circles as it takes damage. Very nice. Thanks for sharing.


    • Kilgore says:

      You know, that hadn’t occurred to me. Great idea.

      And for a 1+1 HD creature, for example, just add a circle quick.

      For 1-1 slash one circle unless it only has 1.

  3. Timeshadows says:

    Bane won initiative on what would have been my first observation, but I thought also to roll 2d12 to determine which of the gross to start with.

    8 x 7 = #54

    No biggie, I know, but perhaps a bit more fun for the Ref/GM. 😀

    • Kilgore says:

      My plan had been to put together a series of sheets with various HD levels. But maybe better would be a series of sheets with just a ton of 1d6 (or 1d8) rolls like these but even more per sheet.

      Then you could just them as needed, and it would have the benefit of not constantly repeating the same series of hit points. Not that it would be a huge deal with 144 per sheet, but as the rolls would be used in different groupings each time, it would make it a little more random-seeming even though it would still be the exact same series of numbers.

      The site Chgowiz points out below makes generating tons of rolls a snap, but for HD sheets I think I like the circles to mark off. now that I’ve got my spreadsheet all set, it’s simply a matter of setting my die type and formatting it to look nice. All the rolls and circles are automatic.

  4. chgowiz says:

    I’ve found this site invaluable for making the preroll charts either for chargen or hit dice tables.

  5. Marcus says:

    Neat idea, I like it! It will be of great use in my LL games! 🙂

    Cheers, Marcus

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