Pre-Rolled HD Sheets

Just a simple DM aid that I quickly cooked up with Excel: Sheets of 144 pre-rolled hit point totals for 1 HD monsters. Gross.

Since we use d6 hit dice in our homebrew game, I made sheets for both 1d8 and 1d6:

Pre-rolled 1d6 Hit Dice

Pre-rolled 1d6 Hit Dice - PDF

Pre-rolled 1d8 Hit Dice

Pre-rolled 1d8 Hit Dice - PDF

With circles to mark off as they get hit.

I have a pile of d6s that I roll and just line up while playing, but this might be a useful alternative. I don’t have nearly enough d8s to do the same thing with d8 HD (and they don’t line up nearly so nice) so this could be a big time saver.

Also going onto the free Kreations page. I’ll cook up more sheets for higher HD as time allows.

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