Possibly Switching Lairs

I started this site a few weeks back more or less on a whim when I wanted to create a new ID for commenting on blogs and forums. But, having created the blog, I was not about to let anything that crossed my mind go unpublished, and now I find myself trying to get up at least one post per day on various gaming-related topics.

I’m using the free WordPress.com system, and I must say that it’s pretty nice. It’s been years since I’ve looked at any of the free hosted services, and I am impressed. My guess is that the latest version of Blogger is just as good. I sure wish that tools like this had been available when I began writing online in 2003.

And that leads into the real topic of this post. I’ve been a regular blogger (in other fields) for over six years now, and I have a lot of disk space and bandwidth available at my hosting service. Though this WordPress.com system is certainly very nice, some of the features I’m used to using are only available via paid add-ons. Now, I don’t have a problem with this model, but as I’m already paying for hosting and various software packages, I’m not real keen on paying more for the same things here.

I’m strongly leaning towards moving this little site over to my existing hosting and publishing under my own domain. This is the sort of move that should be made sooner rather than later so as to minimize the complexity of the move and the number of links pointing back to the old site. A number of other bloggers have kindly linked to Lord Kilgore already, and moves like this are a bit of a headache for everyone.

Hopefully I’ll decide what to do by the end of the week and, if I do decide to forge ahead and move shop, I’ll get it taken care of this weekend.

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