Poker Chips

Last week somewhere (sorry, I didn’t bookmark it) on a blog or forum I saw someone mention the idea that they were using poker chips in their game, which I thought was sort of cool. Back in the day we used a bowl full of pennies for various markers (especially with miniatures) but I hadn’t even thought of that since giving gaming another go a few years back.

So, I picked up a set of a hundred 8 gram Bicycle-brand chips at Target this weekend and last night we used them in play for the first time. It’s a one-on-one Labyrinth Lord campaign with my son (playing a 5th level thief) and we decided to use the chips to track hit points.

During play, the party was stuck on the wrong side of a one-way secret door that they had passed through earlier but had closed behind them. They could see the outline of the door, but no method of opening it could be found. Luckily, my son’s character had picked up a potion of gaseous form and he decided to use it to slip through the cracks and open the door from the other side.

However, as the potion effect was to last for a full two hours, he decided to do a little exploring ahead before slipping back and opening the door. We used poker chips to track his remaining turns and his movement during each turn, and it worked great. Sure, tick marks on a piece of paper would have worked fine, too, but the chips added a bit of fun to the record-keeping.

We’ll continue to give the chips a try. Like rolling dice, having something tangible in your hands can help make the experience (which is mostly in your mind) feel a bit more exciting, so maybe this will stick.

Does anyone else use poker chips or similar tokens in their game?

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