One Page Dungeon Contest

This has been hyped all over creation, but don’t forget that the One Page Dungeon Contest ends tomorrow night at midnight.

I had big plans, but (like big plans often will) they fell victim to limited time and other priorities. Last Friday, in fact, I had decided that I wasn’t going to enter at all.

Then last night I re-decided that I couldn’t afford to miss being part of this, even if I couldn’t get my ‘A’ game out. So I decided to dust off an old friend called The Crumbling Dungeon, scan in the original map, and type in (and slightly edit) the encounter key. Certainly not the sort of thing I had intended, but it’s not a terrible design and I sure had fun sending a party through it several years back.

If you’ve been putting it off, there’s still just enough time to get your own entry in.

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