Odella’s Obscuration

Delsa didn’t dare breathe. Less than ten feet from her, the two guards peered about the room. She could see herself in the mirror on the opposite wall. She could see her own eyes wide with terror and was pretty sure she could see her own heart beating frantically.

“Coulda’ sworn she came in here,” one of the guards said.

The other looked straight at, and straight through, Delsa. He turned away to check behind some curtains, grunting in disgust. “The baron is going to have our hides for this,” he muttered.

“Coulda’ sworn she came in here,” the first repeated. He passed near Delsa, slowing for a moment. He turned and looked at her foot, then continued on.

“Coulda’ sworn it…”

Odella’s Obscuration

Spell Level: M1
Range: Touch
Duration: See below

The creature or object touched fades from notice. The subject of the spell is not invisible and can be seen normally, but casual observers will not “register” the subject’s presence, perhaps noticing only a strange shadow for moment or a flicker out of the corner of their eye.

Those actively searching for the subject, and perhaps even those on general watch or guard duty (at the game master’s discretion) get a saving throw vs. spells. Those who pass will notice the subject and see it normally. Those who fail their save but have reason to suspect the subject’s presence can attack as if against an invisible opponent.

The spell ends if the subject makes an attack but otherwise lasts until the subject (or caster if the subject is an object) cancels it.

This is a sort of weaker invisibility spell.

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3 Responses to Odella’s Obscuration

  1. Timeshadows says:

    I really like it, and like the versus Spells aspect.
    –A good limiter.

  2. al says:

    Nice! Thanks for this.

  3. bat says:

    Very clever. I love game additions like this. Well written.

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