OD&D Summary

Grendelwulf has put together a great overview/summary of Original D&D and the supplements, including the never-published Supplement V: Kalibruhn.

UPDATE: He’s now added a Warriors of Mars write-up, something that I think should fit in neatly with the OD&D lineup.

At one point I had plans to do a sword-and-planet variation on Basic D&D, but that was before I became aware of the scope of the retro-clone scene and how much great stuff is out there already and in the works.

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  1. Grendelwulf says:

    @Lord Kilgore: Thanks for spreading the word!

    I’m still only at the beginning of my Gygax Legendarium, and it took awhile to get up to OD&D. There’s more to come, with eventual appendices for the works of Dave Arneson, Brian Blume, Rob Kuntz, and more.

    I figured it would keep me busy for awhile. 🙂


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