NPC Cleric Spells – FREE

Since I’ve been moaning about our ever-morphing homebrew game so much lately, I thought I’d put up something actually useful for a change.

So here’s a free PDF with random spells for NPC clerics. Roll a d10, check the table, and play on without needing to spend time figuring it all out. Particularly helpful to avoid the temptation to “stack the deck,” so to speak, when choosing spells because the DM has an idea what’s about to happen in the game. This way the clerics PCs run into will have spell lists that resemble what normal clerics would normally have and not hold person three times because the DM want to immobilize the party. Well, usually not; I think I’ve got a good mix.

This uses the spell progression chart and spell list from Labyrinth Lord’s core rules; the progression is the same in the Advanced Edition Companion, but none of the extra AEC spells were used here. The result is something very similar to, but not exactly the same as, the spell progression and selection in other oldschool versions of the game.

NPC Cleric Spell Lists for Labyrinth Lord Core

NPC Cleric Spells
Free PDF

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