No More Archers!

I recently began using an Archer class in my B/X game, wanting a lite fighter type with d6 hit dice and Dexterity for a prime requisite. Going in, my biggest reservation about the class was that I wasn’t sure if it was distinct enough, and after some use I have decided that it just isn’t. Lite fighters who want to focus on missile weapons and get XP bonuses for high dexterity should just choose the thief class. No, the d4 hit dice are not ideal, but the lower XP requirements and the additional thief skills should help offset that.

While I’m not opposed to house rules and additional options, I also don’t want to stray too far from BTB without a compelling reason and I decided that this new class option just didn’t bring enough to the table to warrant it.

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2 Responses to No More Archers!

  1. Jojodogboy says:

    If you have a ranger/wilderness expert class, that works better as an archery specialist. They have additional skills and d6 HD to make up for it.

    Without skills/proficiencies/specializations there is little need for fighters to choose a flavor. Flexibility in tools is part of the fun of the class.

    • Kilgore says:

      One issue with using a vanilla fighter for an archer type is that fighter class gains XP bonuses based on Strength and not on Dexterity. That’s really my biggest gripe and was the impetus for trying an archer class…but in the end I decided it wasn’t really worth it.

      Part of my decision to jettison the class is that I am on the verge of implementing a special skills and abilities system to reduce the want/need to add more classes.

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