Mega Donjon

Got a request from my son for something other than Forbidden Jungle as a change of pace, and I’m trying to think of something fun. He says he’d like more dungeon-ish adventure, leaving the lion’s share of our wilderness gaming to the jungle. I also want something that would have a large number of potential areas, in case some of his buddies want to join in from time to time.

How about something like this:

Concentric Castle

The effect of more danger as the depth in levels increase could be approximated by making the outer, more easily-accessible sections similar to the upper levels of a dungeon and make things tougher the farther you penetrate. The barbican could be equivalent to the 1st level. The outer wall and towers roughly equal to the 2nd, the inner wall and towers equal to the 3rd, and so on.

I’m not quite sure about scale. The inner keep in this drawing appears to be four stories high, but I would probably increase the size of everything, making many of the outer towers and inner buildings full adventures in their own right.

Of course, the areas to be explored would not be limited to surface construction.

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