Mask of Dissemblance
–Tuesday Treasure

“Say,” muttered the half-drunk pirate captain. “When did your ear grow back?”

“My what?” asked the person who looked an awful lot like Dirty Mikey.

“Your ear,” said, the pirate captain, rising to his feet and drawing a dagger. “The ear I cut off last summer after you put us aground for a week.”

The person who looked like Dirty Mikey stepped back, but the pirate captain grabbed his wrist tightly.

“Swab the deck!” squawked the parrot on the railing. “Bloody mess! Bloody mess! SQUAWK! Swab the deck…”

Mask of Dissemblance

When first found, this item appears to be a medium-sized sack with two holes cut into it. The holes are eye holes, and if the sack is put over one’s head, it takes on the appearance of any person that the wearer wishes. The accuracy of the disguise, however, is limited to the wearer’s knowledge of the subject, so unless the subject is very well known to the wearer of the mask, others who know the subject may be allowed a saving throw vs. magic to notice that something is amiss.

Only the head is disguised by the mask. This includes the hair and even the voice of the subject. Clothing and the rest of the body are unaffected.

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2 Responses to Mask of Dissemblance
–Tuesday Treasure

  1. bat says:

    Very clever magic item with quite reasonable traits. Once again, well done.

  2. ze bulette says:

    nice, simple, and using a commonly found object – love it.

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