Maps of Greyhawk

My guess is that most old school-ish gamers hold these in pretty high esteem:

Map of Greyhawk(Click for bigger image)
Maps of Greyhawk (Click for bigger versions)

For all the hours I spent pouring over these and books from the 1983 boxed set, we never really did a whole lot in Greyhawk. I always had grand plans to start up a continent-spanning campaign of some sort or other, but it never materialized. Several characters we played lived in Greyhawk, but other than names on a map and places or origin, none of the world really seeped into our games. A few modules here and there made use of the setting, but even then I was more likely to place things in my own campaign world than use them as written.

For all the advantages I believe using your own world has, I do regret not making more use of the Greyhawk. My maps are still rolled in a tube somewhere in the basement, and the Glossography and Guide Book are still in the box along with photocopies of some map sections I planned to make use of but never did.

Jeff’s Gameblog recently had a great post on the script used in the maps, so check it out if you missed it.

Maps from here.

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3 Responses to Maps of Greyhawk

  1. Derek says:

    The maps from the box set lived on my walls for several years, but we never seemed to really play in Greyhawk itself. They were replaced when Forgotten Realms Grey Box (with AD&D stats) came out, but lived on.

    I know a two groups (that are far enough away I can’t play in them MN to TX is too big of a commute) that use Greyhawk, but I’ve never run into any others that actually played in it. I have, run into many, like myself, that had it and liked it.

    The nice thing is I could pick up any of the retros and run in it just fine, it has some of the same “generic” things that work across versions of FRP rules that Wilderlands did. Was I to run again, I’m not sure which I’d choose.

  2. Kilgore says:

    Derek: I also had the gray box FR and actually liked it, though I never once considered playing in it. Not even really sure why.

    I’m almost half-tempted to dump my Labyrinth Lord campaigns into Greyhawk. They’re currently at an early and undefined stage.

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