Bat in the Attic has a timely (for Kilgore) post up on mapping. I’m currently working on creating a wilderness map for my Forbidden Jungle campaign and am badly in need of all the help I can get.

My initial rough map of the region will serve the purpose of being a reference for laying out a more detailed area, but as my saving throw vs. Bad Art suffers from a -6 modifier due to a permanent No Talent curse I’ve decided to try my hand at computer graphics. Now, I have no talent there either, but I feel that I can learn enough to be dangerous get what I need.

After scoping out a few options, I’ve settled on vector graphics using the free Inkscape. The Old School Hex Map Tutorial by Alex Shroeder has helped immensely. I’ve got no background whatsoever using this type of software, but using some of the tips there and elsewhere, I’ve managed to surprise myself a bit.

Right now I’m sort of hung up on how to portray jungled hills and jungled mountains. I want to have trees for the jungle hexes and what I’ve got looks good enough, but I’m having trouble combining them well with hills and mountains. I hope to have a sample up soon.

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